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  1. Fixed Base Plate

    Fixed Base Plate are the foundations that hold scaffoldings in place and offer significant support and stability to a structure. The product has a flat base that is planted on an even surface and built upon using vertical and horizontal cuplocks.
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  2. Scaffolding Fixed Base Plate

    Scaffolding is an important part of construction and maintenance related tasks. Scaffolding Fixed Base Plate are used as a foundation to scaffolding structures that make use of cuplock systems. The base offers both support and stability to the scaffolding.
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  3. Scaffolding Base Plate

    The construction and maintenance of structures requires the support of scaffolding that offers a platform for workers and their tools. The Scaffolding Base Plate we offer lays the foundation of the staging area and provides a stable and reliable base for workers.
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  4. Expanding Joint Pin

    Widely used in tubes that are in compression, Expanding Joint Pin connects the ends of two tubes and secures them in place. The product is manufactured in keeping with international standards using superior grade materials. By carry out extensive tests relating to various parameters, we have been able to ensure the reliability of the joint pin.
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  5. Scaffolding Joint Pin

    Scaffolding is an important part of structural engineering and offers workers with a stable platform to perform various tasks relating to maintenance and construction. Scaffolding Joint Pin are used to secure the ends of two tubes in place in a scaffold.
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  6. Galvanized Prop Nut

    Commonly used in the construction of scaffolds, the Galvanized Prop Nut we offer are resistant to rust and can thus be relied upon when working in humid conditions. The nut is manufactured using superior grade materials that ensure high strength and reliability.
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  7. Galvanized L & T Prop Nut

    The Galvanized L & T Prop Nut we offer are widely used to build scaffolding that are used in the construction, maintenance and demolition of structures. The nut is corrosion resistant owing to the galvanization process that it is subjected to.
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  8. L & T Prop Nut

    L & T Prop Nut are commonly used in the construction sector to create scaffolding's that provide workers with a staging area where they can perform various tasks on a structure. The prop nut is highly durable and has been made in accordance with international standards.
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  9. Scaffolding Wing Nut

    Available in all standard sizes, the Scaffolding Wing Nut we offer are used to create scaffolds. The wing nut’s are precision crafted by our experts by making use of superior grade materials and offer both reliability and strength to a structure.
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  10. Scaffolding BRC Coupler

    Scaffolding BRC Coupler or broad retaining couplers are an essential part of scaffolding and are used to lock boards in proper position. The couplers are highly durable and ensure that the staging area on scaffolds is both secure and stable.
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  11. anchor nut scaffolding

    Used in a myriad of fastening applications, the Anchor Nut Scaffolding that we offer is an essential part of constructing scaffolds that are used in the maintenance and construction of structures. The anchor nut is manufactures in compliance with international standards of quality and have precise dimensions.
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